Getting your Home Ready to List

Getting your Home Ready to List

One of the most important details when getting your home ready to list is CURB APPEAL. Some great ways to show off your home to buyers is to be sure the following items are done;

  • clean up the yard
  • mow the lawn
  • have the shrubs trimmed

Getting your home ready to list

Everything should be in the best condition possible.  For most Buyers the less they have to fix when they move in the more attractive your property will be.  Walk through your home as if you were a Buyer, being objective and paying attention to detail will go a long way in preparing your home to Sell.

Going through your home will give you a great idea when getting your home ready to list.  Freshen up the paint, baseboards, doors and trim.  Replace old carpeting or flooring if it is worn or outdated.  Cleaning the garage and moving items to storage that will make your living area appear spacious will help your home show that much better.

Repair or replace anything that could potentially affect the sale of your home later.  If you are aware of any items that could cause a buyer to walk away from the deal, before you list is the best time to fix it.  If the electrical, plumbing, or roof need some attention have a qualified person look at these items.

Making sure the home smells great is always a good idea.  Sometimes pet smells or smoking in the home will turn most buyers away.  Paying attention to these items before you list your home will help your home sell much faster and for the most amount of money possible $$$.

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