Purchasing Properties Out Of Town Made Easy Using Docusign

Purchasing Properties Out Of Town, Docusign, Deana Baumel, Nanaimo Real Estate

Have you been considering purchasing a property out of town or while you are away? Purchasing properties out of town is made easy now using Docusign, a program that enables you to sign documents while out of town or away on holidays.

Purchasing properties out of town made easy using Docusign

Docusign is a real estate program I’ve been using for the last 2 years.  It is a very valuable program as it allows me to do both listings and offers when my clients either don’t live in town or are away while an offer comes in.  Basically it is a digital signature program that I can email my clients for their signatures on documents for the sale or purchase of their home.

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I have actually listed and sold homes where I personally have never met the clients and have only spoke to them on the phone. One such client was living in Toronto and her partner was away looking after her mother in Florida.  We put the listing together via email and over the phone and they received an offer about 2 weeks later. All documents were sent via email to them both and we did the entire transaction without meeting in person!  This is a game changer in this industry and I use docusign on many of the real estate transactions I oversee for my clients.

“It allows me to do both listings and offers when my clients either don’t live in town or are away when an offer comes in.” – Deana


Often there is more than one or two parties to a real estate transaction and using docusign can really help with signatures needed if the clients don’t live in Nanaimo.  I also find it very helpful if the client works late nights or is just too busy to sign a time sensitive document such is the case with most real estate documents.  The Real Estate Industry is constantly changing and this program helps me to better serve my clients.

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